Data Engineer

Company Name:
Position Type:
We're looking for a Data Engineer who can join our team and implement elegant solutions to Big Data challenges. Qualified candidates have efficiently architected highly scalable distributed systems using open source tools -- and likely even contributed to some open source projects. To fit this position you must have the passion and experience necessary to help design and develop viaForensics' leading-edge mobile security products.
Work in a fast-paced, distributed, Agile product team with high independence and accountability
Perform analysis on data related to Mobile app, device and OS security
Find trends and relationships in the data to produce indexes, visualizations and useful intelligence
Correlate data from complex data sets
Collaborate on machine learning projects to help in classification
Develop/Apply advanced algorithms for: clustering, reputation systems, and data mining
Design systems for data enrichment
Build automation systems to better improve analysis life cycle
Mathematically model complex datasets and problems with accuracy
Communicate effectively in both written and spoken English
Qualifications and Requirements
3+ years of experience with data-driven applications, from writing requirements to deploying and maintaining systems in production
Strong expertise in Elasticsearch (or Lucene/Solr), Hadoop and MapReduce or related knowledge with large scale data processing
Must have current and relevant experience especially dealing with threading and distributed systems
Experience working in an Agile process and

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